Vehicle Data Exchange

The Only One Stop Solution for Access to Full Vehicle Data and Insight.

Mobility providers are currently grappling with the cost and complexity of accessing data from large fleets with a diverse mixture of brands, models and telemetry technologies.

Fleet-based organizations, such as leasing organizations, are looking to solve specific problems using limited data, but the ROI does not justify the cost of aftermarket solutions.

Insurance carriers are also seeking additional, and cost-effective ways to gain insight about existing and prospective policyholders, whether direct from newer telematics-embedded vehicles or from vehicles benefiting with aftermarket data collection options.

Government customers are also envisioning a future with simple access to connected and automated vehicles to fuel road usage charging and smart city initiatives, but lack a practical and cost-effective means to reach this future state.


There has to be a way for any organization to access the data necessary to fuel their complete program and vehicle access needs!

Presenting the IMS Vehicle Data Exchange

The IMS Vehicle Data Exchange provides mobility providers, insurance carriers and government customers with live access to full vehicle data and insight. The Vehicle Data Exchange uses a completely data-source agnostic approach supporting OEM embedded hardware and all aftermarket data sources.

Most importantly, only IMS can work with both OEM embedded hardware and all types of aftermarket data sources, with the ability to also supply all aftermarket data collection options.

The Vehicle Data Exchange simplifies technology complexity by providing data from vehicles in a standardized format. It’s telematics made easier thereby helping grow both new and existing programs for mobility providers and insurers alike.

Get full vehicle coverage for any vehicles, any data source, and across any major OEM brands including:

IMS Vehicle Data Exchange is trusted across a wide range of industries:

Car leasing data

Insurance data
Insurance Carriers (Personal Lines and Commercial Lines)

Government Organizations (Road Usage Charging and Smart City Initiatives)

Service data
Service Maintenance and Repair

Rental data
Rental Car

Sharing data
Car Clubs and Car Sharing Organizations

Why Choose IMS’s Vehicle Data Exchange

Mobilize your data with the IMS Vehicle Data Exchange that transforms real-time vehicle data into actionable vehicle insights and intelligence.

One-stop solution

Our one-stop turnkey solution allows for OEM embedded data sources and the deployment of any of IMS’ aftermarket data collection options including:





professional install

Professionally installed devices

Smartphone applications

Smartphone applications

IMS Low-cost-connectivity

Low-cost connectivity options

OEM Embedded

OEM embedded

Data source agnostic

Data exchange source

Works with any vehicle across any embedded or aftermarket data source to support any large fleet customer requirement.

Live Data


Highest fidelity live data for any mixture of vehicles.

Customer Experience


Decades of customer experience across global insurance and mobility deployments.

No Risk Consultation – Sign-up Now

Speak to our experts to understand the full value the Vehicle Data Exchange can offer to your business – including the specific live vehicle insights and data you can access, the use cases that deliver the value for your specific operation, and how this can improve customer experience.

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Key Features:

Full Connected Vehicle Insight and Intelligence

Transforms real-time vehicle data into actionable vehicle insights.

Geofencing / Trip Data

Trip data (odometer, journey information, location)

Health car

Vehicle health including remote diagnostics (fault Information, distance to service, tire pressure


Consumables (fuel, EV state-of-charge, DEF)

Driver behavior

Driver behavior

Accident detection

Accident detection

Claims management

Claims management

Usage based verification

Usage-based verification

Works with Any Vehicle and All Vehicle Data Sources

Provides full vehicle coverage for any mixture of vehicles, regardless of age, across all major brands including:

IMS’s industry-leading and analyst-acclaimed data-agnostic platform

And more – with new manufacturers being integrated worldwide.


For vehicles without OEM embedded hardware, IMS ensures aftermarket support and coverage for all other passenger and commercial vehicles.

For organizations that already have an existing telematics program, the Vehicle Data Exchange will work with your existing program’s data collection technologies!

One-Stop Solution for all Aftermarket Data Sources


Works with any data source – and only IMS supplies all aftermarket data collection options so you can easily and completely meet any of your requirements across any mixture of vehicles.

No need to manage different partnerships across the value chain – IMS’s Vehicle Data Exchange takes care of it all so you don’t have to!

Leading Data Accuracy and Security

Data security

The Vehicle Data Exchange leverages IMS’ award-winning DriveSync platform to cleanse and normalize data ensuring data integrity, clean lineage and accuracy across all data sources, while ensuring consent, privacy management, and data security at-all-times.

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