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One App Mobile Development Framework

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Datasheet One APP

Worldwide, telematics programs have gained significant traction in both insurance and mobility markets with the COVID-19 crisis continuing to accelerate user adoption. In fact, the top 10 US-based insurers have insurance telematics programs in market while demand for usage-based and mileage-based propositions are surging in popularity thanks to consumer demand for more personalized approaches.  In mobility, rental vehicle, car sharing and fleet-focused organizations are quick to bolster new user experiences leveraging telematics data to enhance business processes and engage customers in real-time and in more virtual and touchless environments. The race is on to get-to-market with high-quality experiences that users are demanding.

How are you able to drive brand differentiation and engagement when the majority of in-market offerings consist of mobile app experiences that are generic to each user, and look and function identically to your competitors?

How is it possible to get to market in a timely fashion when bespoke brand differentiation results in a significant delay and unbearable costs for go-to-market?

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