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Understanding the Full Value of Telematics Data for SMR (Service, Maintenance, and Repair) And Leasing Organizations

Improve Decision-Making and Eliminate Guesswork by Using Telematics Data

Whitepaper SMR

In an era of digital transformation, the more data available about vehicle operations, the more effectively servicing and maintenance can be managed. Used intelligently by SMR and leasing organizations, telematics data can minimize vehicle downtime and ensure more efficient vehicle operations for leasing organizations.

Telematics data is proving to be a boon for lease organizations and the service, maintenance, and repair providers (SMRs) that increasingly fill a niche in the automotive aftermarket sector. Both lease organizations and SMRs are discovering that data captured directly from vehicles gives them a way to alleviate many challenges that they face in a competitive industry sector rebounding from a pandemic.

This paper discusses the opportunities and challenges faced in this industry sector and the business values that can be delivered through the intelligent use of telematics data.

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