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Make the shift from reactive to proactive and predictive operations!

An overwhelming majority of lease companies currently use reactive and error-prone information-gathering methods to run their operations. Often, historical information and estimations replace actual in-life data for determining accurate oil changes, vehicle service and warranty service requirements.

Having access to real-time telematics data provides you with highly accurate insights to mileage driven and driving habits, completely transforming your operations.

Telematics-based insights and can help you:

  • Proactively renegotiate lease agreements in advance of renewal as needed and based on in-life vehicle usage
  • Identify drivers with vehicle health or servicing needs to help prevent vehicle breakdown
  • Streamline claims handling and reduce claims shelf life with real-time access to accident data and first notice of loss (FNOL) alerts
  • Locate and recover stolen lease vehicles promptly
  • And more!

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IMS Connected Claims

With IMS’ ground-breaking connected claims offering, organizations have a low-cost, high ROI connectivity option to reduce claims shelf life, reduce claims costs, and optimize the uptime of fleet vehicles.

IMS Connected Claims, featuring the patent pending and proprietary low-cost Wedge, ensures live accident detection and FNOL processing while delivering benefits and cost savings no other providers can in the areas of claims handling and claims liability.

IMS Vehicle Security Solution

IMS Vehicle Security Solution: the only one-stop, fully configurable vehicle security solution built for leasing and fleet-based organizations. With IMS, we offer the only fully secure and complete, managed service helping companies install, monitor, and when needed, recover vehicles – going far beyond standard vehicle tracking to include:

  • Choice of hardware
  • Geofencing and location
  • 24/7 call center monitoring
  • Recovery and repatriation services,
  • And more!

We cover the complete security needs of your fleet – with the ability for customers to also select and configure only the services they require.

IMS One App with SDK for Driver Behavior

With the industry’s most configurable mobile app development framework paired with the IMS SDK, you can now access driver behavior insight, in addition to vehicle insight. Visibility of high-risk driving behavior helps prevent accidents and claims while complying with Duty of Care responsibilities. Additionally, safer driving practices translates into reduced wear and tear on vehicle assets, ultimately protecting residual values of your leased vehicles.



Connects your entire fleet with live connectivity to any data source


Complete one-stop solution for all required data sources


Provides fully data source agnostic platform for any data requirements


Supplies the highest fidelity live data


Over a decade of experience

Benefits to Lease Organizations

Vehicle downtime

Eliminate unexpected vehicle downtime

Optimize vehicle lifespans

Optimize vehicle lifespans

Operational costs

Reduce operational costs

Protect residual values

Protect residual values

Usage based verification

Optimize vehicle resource usage


Decrease claims shelf life and costs


Remove end-of-lease agreement surprises

Vehicle maintenance

Enhance current vehicle maintenance offering


Increase end-of lease agreement profitability

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Products & Solutions for Leasing Organizations

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Understanding the Full Value of Telematics Data for SMR (Service, Maintenance, and Repair) And Leasing Organizations

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