Distracted Driving Detection

Industry-leading Solutions to Help Control Distracted Driving.

Improve Driver Safety and Performance

Distracted driving accounts for 50% of all automotive accidents. With IMS’ Distracted Driving capabilities, insurers can detect distracted behaviors, including time, duration and even severity level of smartphone usage while driving.

The information is displayed to the driver, for distracted driving coaching and safety awareness purposes, with the goal of reducing driving behaviors that lead to significant accidents. And of course, we also have the ability to provider insurers with a score as well.



Distracted driving detection assessment

Passively detect and monitor distracted behaviors

Distracted driving detection scoring

Quantify distraction events by severity

Distracted driving detection reporting

Add-on distracted driving data feed


*Distracted Driving Detection is only available for Mobile Telematics

Distracted driving detection low

Use of a vehicle speaker featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology or headset/AUX cable

Distracted driving detection mid

Phone call using a cell phone speaker

Distracted driving detection high

Handling of the phone, for example, texting or browsing

Connected Car and Telematics Data Security

IMS delivers a strong IT value proposition that enables IT leaders to confidently deploy connected car services and solutions and create new revenue streams and programs. The foundation of the IMS service platform is based on end-to-end security, integrity of collected data, and information availability.


IMS solutions meet strict IT requirements for our customers including:

  • End-to-End security: End-to-end policy and process to ensure secure management of client data.
  • Data collection integrity: Checks and balances in place to identify anomalies and avoid data corruption.
  • Information availability: High availability, loading balancing, and internal redundancy resulting in high levels of system uptime and ensuring that clients of IMS (and the client’s customers) have access to thier data when they want it.
We combine data products and deep industry expertise to deliver solutions for 350+ enterprise customers including insurers, mobility operators and governments.
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