Commercial Insurance Telematics

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Why Shift to Commercial Insurance Telematics?

Commercial lines insurers are quickly adopting insurance telematics in order to fully realize the benefits telematics offers and restore profitability over more traditional models that have been delivering poor underwriting results. Due to adverse loss frequency and severity trends, including those caused by distracted driving, combined ratios for commercial insurers have risen to over 100%. In fact, the commercial auto underwriting losses grew from $744.8 million to slightly over $2.9 billion in 2016 (a 4x increase)!¹. In order for insurers to stay profitable, steep rates increases have become inevitable, much to the dissatisfaction of their fleet customers. In turn, in order to afford commercial premiums, fleets are playing with the numbers, such as insuring with larger deductibles and distributing risk and cost across a wider safety net to achieve a better cost.


IMS Commercial Insurance Telematics

IMS Commercial Insurance Telematics provides the commercial insurers with the industry’s most comprehensive solution satisfying the needs of the insurer, fleet manager and fleet driver alike. Commercial insurers finally have the proper tools to engage, retain and assess fleet risk to ensure a profitable book of business. Fleet drivers get regular real-time feedback and insights to continuously improve driving behavior and, appraise and reward performance and safety. Fleet managers have the ability to improve driver behavior and realize cost savings at every stop along the way – all while paying the commercial premiums most accurately associated with their fleet risk.

Commercial insurance telematics provides insurers with the ability to improve profits by encouraging safe, distraction free driving behaviors. Studies conducted in the United States show a 20% reduction in fleet accidents when telematics monitoring is in place. In Europe, this number climbs to 28%!


Optimize the performance, safety and cost of your fleet customers.

Data Feeds, Analytics and Vehicle Enablers

Assess risk and price commercial fleet premiums accordingly (including Commercial Usage Based Insurance), using flexible in-vehicle enabler options such as smartphone and OBD devices. Includes fleet scoring.

Easy Upgrade Path

Base fleet management system to help fleet managers better control costs and associated productivity.

Full Access to IMS Business Center

Equip your program teams with administrative data necessary to help better manage users, inform decision-making and provide insights for measuring program and customer success.

Coaching and Feedback for Fleet Drivers

Provide driver coaching, insights and feedback, including improving safety to reward and incent safe driving performance.



Commercial Telematics

*Commercial Insurance Telematics Portal

Driver Coaching

Improve driver safety and help reduce accidents by encouraging safer driving practices with feedback and coaching to avoid risky behaviors and unsafe vehicle operation.

Cost Reduction and Performance Improvements

Increase operational efficiency and performance by reducing claims and costs through data insight and driver feedback that encourage safer driving practices, minimizes fraudulent claims and ensures a safer operating fleet on the road.

Process Optimization

Improving insurance processes by using actionable data as inputs to improve risk and underwriting practices, including Commercial Usage Based Insurance.

Fleet Management

Improving fleet management operations by providing deep insights into actual driving behavior, along with fleet operating data that ensures safer, more cost effective fleet operations.

IMS Commercial Insurance Telematics Components

IMS Commercial Insurance Telematics, powered by DriveSync, provides everything insurers need to manage and administer a successful commercial insurance telematics, or UBI program, and includes a fleet management product for fleet owners.


Commercial Telematics

Scoring and Rating

Flexibility is key to a smooth big data and analytics journey. IMS offers full flexibility in scoring and rating to precisely assess risk for each policyholder and encourage safe driving.

The right scoring and rating for your business:

  • Flexible Options: Create a scoring and rating model leveraging any of three methods:
    • IMS’ internal analytics team.
    • Your existing actuarial models refined by IMS’ internal analytics team.
    • IMS’ analytics partners – Willis Towers Watson | Verisk Analytics.
  • Unique Rating Systems: Create differentiation through a unique scoring system.
  • Expanded Scores: Leverage a selection of scoring variables for your algorithms.
  • Scoring UX: Displays scoring and events in an easy-to-understand experience for policyholders.
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