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IMS Connected Claims Solution

The Industry-First, Claims-Focused Telematics Solution to Drive Loss Ratio Improvement.

Meeting The Challenges: Claims Experience

There’s no denying that the insurance landscape has rapidly changed. The digital age has given insurers new tools for determining who, and what, represent the greatest risks and costs to their customers and their bottom line.

Consumers want quicker underwriting and claims experiences. Senior-level insurance executives recognize the importance of digitalizing auto claims as a top priority. But too many Insurers are fixated on crash detection and missing the bigger picture of what is truly possible. What is your organization doing to improve the claims experience and bring claims costs under control?

Case Study: Zurich Insurance

Case Study: Zurich Insurance

Datasheet connected claims

Datasheet: IMS Connected Claims Solution

Datasheet The Wedge

Datasheet: IMS Wedge Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon

Improving claims

White Paper: Improving Claims ROI and Claims Operations with Telematics Data


Presenting IMS Connected Claims telematics solution

IMS’s Connected Claims telematics solution, is a low-cost suite of telemetry-based services that transforms collected telematics data into appropriate analysis that positively impacts the policyholder experience and an organization’s claims costs. IMS’s Connected Claims solution includes ongoing training and implementation consulting, along with expert support services.

With over 10 years of global experience in claims telematics programs, IMS’s use of telematics data poses the best and most economical entry point into your claims digital transformation journey – at an area of affordable cost and immediate ROI to your existing claims operation. An investment of 2% of premium expense in IMS Connected Claim’s proprietary technology is enough for an auto insurer to unlock a claims quantum benefit of more than 6% – and without requiring any FNOL change of process!

IMS’s Connected Claims telematics solution goes beyond accident detection leveraging telematics data to reduce claims costs in two additional claims costs areas: liability and handling – which together deliver 80% of the overall benefit to your organization:

  1. Claims Liability ROI: including validation and analysis of data and compelling evidence to help identify fraudulent and/or inflated personal injury claims.
  2. Claims Handling ROI: including intervention; more accurate liability decisions; and shorter claims shelf life.
  3. FNOL ROI: including early accident detection and alert service; instant control over recovery and remediation; and improved duty of policyholder care.

Featuring Claims as a Service as another component of the solution, experienced members of the IMS team will provide expert witness services (including court attendance as needed) and training of in-house teams coupled with our proprietary Telematics Technical Statements.

Best of all, because the Connected Claims solution sits within the market-leading IMS DriveSync platform, insurers can quickly and easily develop this initial claims solution into a fuller suite of services across your book of business – including rewards and engagement, safe driving, analytics and scoring and more.

Claims Technical Statements

Making telematics data easy for claims handlers


Technical statements form a unique and important part of IMS’ Connected Claims professional service component known as Claims as a Service (CaaS).  Technical statements encapsulate the core insights from captured telematics data, and with the help of our CaaS claims experts helps insurers realize the following benefits across all telematics claims:

  • Telematics data is compiled into one straightforward report that enables a claim to transition smoothly from FNOL into a full claim.
  • The Technical Statement provides claims departments with a full clear summary of the telematics data and claim.
  • IMS – part of Trak Global Group will work with your claims teams to ensure they can confidently use telematics data and technical statements when handling telematics claims.
  • Technical Statements can be shared with third party insurers, solicitors and police as part of the claims process and to bring clarity to the data.
  • Leveraging technical statements within claims processes has proven to deliver loss ratio benefit to our insurer partners.

IMS Claims

What’s Included: IMS Connected Claims

IMS’s Connected Claims solution provides an economically-sound approach to augment your existing claims operation with driving data. Telemetry data is collected from policyholders via a hybrid combination of:

  • Smartphone app optimized for safe driving engagement and rewards; which is paired via Bluetooth to our
  • New, low cost, patent-pending Wedge® windscreen device

In turn, insurers are provided with a bespoke claims portal which enables access to minute-by-minute details of the driving journey, including moments preceding accidents, and second-by-second data of the impact itself. Insurers have a choice to either use their in-house claims teams to directly manage the claim themselves, or leverage IMS’s experts to provide guidance along the way.

Details provided via the claims portal include pre-accident photographs and second-by-second telemetry data showing:

GPS location – assessing course and speed

Accelerometer data – visualizing and measuring impact severity

Gyro data – visualizing and measuring vehicle rotational movement

Course over ground – accurate assessment of vehicle directional change

Second-by-second visualization – in Google Maps & Street View

Accident reconstruction – animated replay of second-by-second impact to the vehicle

Accident detection – driving efficiency and customer contact

Claims services – direct portal access for bespoke technical support`


IMS Connected Claims not only streamlines and improves the claims experience, it helps insurers eliminate the risk of fraud or litigation with claimants and bring claims costs under control.

What Makes IMS’s Connected Claims Your Best Defense to Escalating Claims Costs?

  • Best-in-class claims data detection/processing – data is provided to customers before they have even had a call, saving insurers 60% in claims costs immediately (versus third party notification).
  • Most advanced telemetry technology – IMS’s data source agnostic approach to data collection means insurers can process claims data from any data collection technology, including the new Wedge windscreen device, suitably optimized for claims department usage.
  • Leading customer enablement and support – As part of IMS Connected Claims, ‘Claims as a Service’ specialists are a true partner with customers throughout the entire claims process by writing statements, helping staff learn how to read the data, and appearing in court as expert witnesses when required.
  • Ongoing support via regular meetings and training refreshers – passing on technological advances to customers to ensure a skilled team in place.
  • Highly unique Telematics Technical Statements – ‘Claims as a Service’ summary reports that deliver loss ratio benefits to insurers and can be shared with third-party insurers, solicitors and police.

The IMS’s Connected Claims Telematics Solution Facts

IMS is an experienced global company helping insurers worldwide embrace their claims telematics implementations. UK and European insurers currently lead the way, serving the industry with a solid hotbed of claims transformation success – all of which can be achieved by progressive and tech-savvy North American insurers who are also quickly moving forward on their claims journeys. Notable claims achievements realized by IMS’s customers include:

  • Loss ratio improvements – with insurers realizing a loss ratio savings up to 7.7%
  • More satisfied policyholders – through better, faster claims experience with savings on average of £900(approx. $1,200 USD) in annual premiums
  • Pre-litigation and supported litigation cases – with insurers saving from £5000 to £330,000 per case in Europe
  • Commercial lines profitability improvements – with annual claims saving for commercial fleets, based on 1000 vehicles, of £279,000 (approx. $370,000 USD) broken down into
    • Personal injury savings – £108,000 (approx. $143,000 USD)
    • Vehicle not at alleged collision – £75,000 (approx. $98,300 USD)
    • Split liability – / £96,000 (approx. $127,000 USD)

FNOL (First-Notice-of-Loss)

Immediately begin assisting the policyholder with the best course of action.

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